5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Toughened Glass Splashback

When it comes to injecting personality into the home, the kitchen can be one of the most difficult aspects to get right. Of course, the practicality must be in place, but it’s also important that the kitchen is inviting and comfortable.

Everyone will have their own preference when it comes to the aesthetics of the kitchen, but those looking for a robust and attractive solution for their kitchen should consider the possibility of a glass splashback.

A toughened splashback can offer several benefits, which include but are not limited to the following.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Toughened Glass Splashback Glass Splashbacks

  1. A Glass Splashback is Easy to Care For

Those that have had to contend with re-grouting or treating wood in the kitchen will know how time-consuming it can be, not to mention the costs that can be incurred along the way.

A glass splashback is easy to care for and can be cleaned within five minutes and buffed up to perfection instantly, ensuring that the kitchen is always looking its best.

  1. Glass Splashbacks are Completely Safe

Although some may be worried about glass breaking, the used of a toughened glass splashback can withstand all sorts of force and is typically five times stronger than that of standard glass.

Choosing Pro Glass 4 for your toughened glass splashback ensures that you’re getting all the benefits and none of the negatives associated with inferior splashbacks.

  1. A Bespoke Design is Not an Issue

It stands to reason that people like different things, and this is especially true when it comes to the décor of the home.

As such, Pro Glass 4 can offer a tailored service for your toughened glass splashbacks using high-end materials in partnership with product knowledge to ensure that the glass splashback you receive meets your exact specifications.

  1. Glass Splashbacks are Available in a Variety of Designs

Those new to glass splashbacks may be concerned then there is little design choice available, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Not only can Pro Glass 4 offer a wide range of colours and print options within its glass splashback range, but also ensures that customers aren’t charged a premium for their choice of colour.

As well as being able to match colours from all leading paint brands, Pro Glass 4 also offers a wide range of colours from RAL and NCS colour charts.

Those that are unsure as to what type of glass splashback will suit them best can liaise with Pro Glass 4 directly to discuss the options available.

  1. A Hygienic Solution for the Kitchen

The problem with using tiles and marble is that they can be porous, which means bacteria and germs can linger in the kitchen even when a deep clean has been carried out.

This isn’t the case with a glass splashback, as they are non-porous, ensuring that there is no room for bacteria to lie dormant, allowing for a fresher and cleaner kitchen overall.

If you like the sound of what a toughened glass splashback can offer and you’re keen to find out more, then why not get int ouch with Pro Glass 4 to discuss your requirements in more detail with a seasoned professional.