Antique Mirror Splashbacks

Stunning and unique, we have a fantastic range of Antique Mirrors that are perfect for any space. Available in Toughened and Non-Toughened finishes.

Add a unique mirrored finish to your kitchen

Our stunning Antique Mirror Splashbacks create a show stopping feature in your kitchen. From a light antique, giving a more natural antiqued finish, to a design led antique finish, with a stunning coloured finish.

We have two types of Antique Mirror, Toughened and Non-Toughened. Each type have there own unique finishes and designs so you’re sure to find the perfect finish for your space.

Toughened Antique Mirrors

WOW Factor

Our Toughened Antique Mirror Splashbacks are all made by hand by our expert team. With over 10 Styles to choose from you’ll find the perfect partner to your kitchen.

Perfect For Any Space

The benefit of choosing a Toughened splashback is that it can be used in almost any environment, including be all types of Hobs, Agas and Cookers.

Benefits of Toughened Antiqye Mirror

  • They are heat resistant to 400 degrees and impact resistant.
  • They are made in the UK by our specialist team.
  • Maximum Length in 1 Piece 3 Meters.
  • Toughened Mirror Terms.

Toughened Antique Mirror Finishes


Non-Toughened Antique Mirrors

Designer Finish

Our Non-Toughened Antique Mirror Splashbacks come in wonderful range of finishes, from our beautiful Tuscan to our smoky London Antique.

Spectacular Designs

Our Non-Toughened Antique Mirrors can be used in most places that don’t come into contact with heat, including behind Sinks, Induction Hobs and Bars.

Non-Toughened Antique Mirror Finishes