Glass Splashback Colours

20,000 Colour Choices For Your Splashback

What sets us apart from other glass splashback companies is that we believe you should be able to add your own colour tastes to your glass splashback, fro the ultimate unique finish.

With over 20,000 colours to choose from including those from all major brands. We’ve even matched the blue from a water bottle top.

Create your own unique style statement and choose the colour you actually want than from a small selection of basic colours.

Your Unique Glass Splashback

The defining characteristics of any Glass Splashback is the colour. You can create something bright and bold or subtle and sophisticated.

No matter what your style and colour taste you will be able to find the perfect match for your Glass Splashbacks.

We pride ourselves on offering a huge variety of colours from all ranges. For an even better look why not pop into our workshop or visit one of our Kitchen Designers for a colour chart.