Silver Mirror Kitchen Splashback

Everything you need to know about toughened mirror splashbacks


Everything you need to know about toughened mirror splashbacks


Toughened mirror splashbacks are ideal for the modern kitchen. They not only add style and glamour, they are also perfectly suited for the day to day living in any kitchen. The demand for toughened mirror splashbacks has been at an all-time high, in recent times. Their functionality is just perfect for the modern home where people simply don’t have time to scrub walls and clean or re-grout tiles.

You notice a huge difference the moment you walk into a room that has mirrored splashbacks installed, from one that does not, simply because of the aesthetics. The first thing that you will notice is that the room looks spacious and stylish, and rooms that have been fitted with glass splashbacks will tend to have more life in it.

Toughened glass splashbacks are highly practical when installed around the sink area in the kitchen, because they protect the walls from water, soap scum, and greasy oils emanating from dirty utensils & cutlery. Installing a glass splashback behind the Hob, Aga or any cooking area cushions the walls from sauces, food and peeling of paint as a result of intense heat.


What is the advantage of using toughened mirror splashbacks?


  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • Thermal resistance- the glass does not crack or break even under intense heat. This makes it ideal for use in the kitchen where temperatures can get really high while cooking. A toughened mirror splashback will not crack even when used near a direct source of heat.
  • High-impact resistance- you can expect a lot of knocks and blows when washing utensils, and any mirror splashback that has not been toughened may not be able to withstand that
  • Easy to install
  • It does not easily break and in case it does, it will not splinter into big pieces with sharp edges. This is what makes it a safe glass.
  • The mirror finish on the glass will not fade, during its entire usable life
  • Easy to clean / sanitise
  • A perfect alternative to tiles or stainless steel
  • Available in a wide range of mirrored finishes
  • Made to measure, for the perfect fit in your home


Toughened vs un-toughened mirror splashbacks


  • Toughened mirror can withstand the heat from any Hob, including Induction, Gas & Electric
  • Toughened mirror is made to withstand harsh conditions, such as a pan accidentally banging into it
  • Toughened mirror won’t degrade like some un-toughened mirrors do


What options do you have when choosing toughened mirror splashbacks?


  • Toughened silver mirror splashbacks are highly reflective, and will automatically make a room appear bigger and more spacious. When placed opposite a window that is near a garden, you get to enjoy wonderful sceneries of the outdoors.
  • Bronze mirror glass will tie in with your bronze accessories or worktops, and because it is not too reflective, it adds a darker, sophisticated twist to a room.
  • Grey mirror splashbacks add a modern and luxury feel to any kitchen. They work especially well against white surfaces and cupboards.
  • Antique toughened glass splashbacks will give a room a unique look with a modern twist. Available in various antique finishes.


Are you looking for high quality toughened mirror splashback?


Pro Glass 4 is here to serve all your needs. We create you a bespoke toughened mirror splashback for your home. We can use your measurements and deliver it direct to your door or we can template and then install it into your home.