Feature Wall Mirrors

Step into a world of elegance and sophistication with our stunning mirrored walls, where functionality meets unparalleled style. Our mirrored walls effortlessly transform any space, adding an illusion of expansiveness and luminosity that captivates the eye.
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Full Walls

Add a bold statement to your space with a floor to ceiling mirror. Whether enhancing your living space or hall or bringing a touch of glamour to a bedroom, mirrors transcend their functional purpose to become captivating focal points.



Straight from an interior design catalogue our shaped mirrors really do add a finishing touch to any space. From half moon mirrors for your dressing table and sideboard to geometric and curves to create a real feature, the possibilities are endless. 

Feature Wall Mirrors Glass Splashbacks
Feature Wall Mirrors Glass Splashbacks

Finishing Touches

Add a beveled edge for elegance to cuts in the mirror to create a subway tile look.

Start your transformation with a feature mirror.