Feature Walls

Create a showpiece feature wall in your homes. From all types of mirrors, to coloured glass and bespoke prints.

Mirrored Feature Walls

Our most popular finish of feature walls are mirrors. With finishes including Silver, Grey, Bronze, Copper, Gold and Antique you can create a show piece feature you’ve always dreamed of.


Printed Feature Walls

Transport yourself to another world or add the tropical fish tank you’ve always wanted without any of the up keep.
Our high definition prints are a work of art and really pop in any environment.

Lit Feature Walls

Take your feature wall to the next level with our back lit panels. Choose your favourite scene, such as the snowy mountains or beech, or a stunning mineral design such as rock texture or precious stones.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Feature Walls Specifications

  • Mirrored: Silver, Grey, Bronze, Copper, Gold & Antique
  • Coloured: Gloss or Matte in Any Colour
  • Printed: Any Design
  • Lit: Printed Designs backlit