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Can A Glass Splashback Go Behind My Hob?

Yes, 90% of our glass splashbacks are toughened so are perfect for behind all types of hobs, Gas, Electric & Induction.

Do You Template And Install?

Yes we cover the whole of England for Templating & Installation. So you can be sure of a perfect fit.

Do I Need Toughened Glass?

We always recommend using toughened glass for splashbacks. However if there is no heat source, such as behind a tap, then non-toughened glass can be used. However non-toughened is always liable to damage and cracking.

I've Been Told Mirrors Can't Be Toughened, How Are Your Mirrors Toughened?

You are correct, standard mirrors cannot be toughened. However we have created a process that allows us to offer fully toughened mirrors, perfect for any space.

What Colours Are Available?

We offer a huge range of colours and can even match to most major paint brands. So you can find the perfect colour to suit your tastes and style.

Are Splashbacks Easy To Clean?

Yes, super easy. Simply spray with glass cleaner and wipe off. It looks as good on day 1 and it does on year 100.

How Is The Glass Fixed?

We offer a specialist adhesive that has been specifically designed for fixing glass splashbacks.

How Thick Are Glass Splashbacks?

Our glass splashbacks are made from 6mm Toughened Glass. With our Window Sills made from 10mm Toughened Glass.

What Is The Difference Between Glass And Acrylic Splashbacks?

A glass splashback is a far superior products. Not only is the finish superior, on a glass splashback the colour will never fade from heat or direct sunlight, is easier to maintain and is available in a wider range of finishes.