Glass Partitions & Doors

Create a stunning glass partition and door, perfect for your home or office. Made to measure, we can create a finish that’s perfect for your space.

Crittall Style

Our crittall style glass partitions and doors create a stunning industrial finish to any space. Combine fixed panels with a door, to separate rooms, or add a single door, to create a loft style finish.

Office Partitions

Glass partitions are perfect for offices, they separate offices whilst also keeping the feeling of an open space.
Created with 10mm toughened glass for soundproofing. 

Bespoke Finishes

We offer a stunning range of bespoke finishes for partitions.

The glass for our partitions is available in Clear, for the feeling of space, Matte, for added privacy, Tinted, for the best of both.

Our glass partition fixings can be coloured in any colour to suit your style or company branding.

Any Space

Have an awkward space or design idea in mind? As our glass is made to measure we can create a final finish that perfectly fits.

Wine Cellars

Transform your under stairs or cubby area with a stunning wine cellar. Combine fixed panels with hydraulic hinged doors for a stunning feature in your home.

Glass Partition & Door Specifications

  • Made to Measure
  • Easy to clean
  • Create a feeling of space and light
  • Bespoke Colours

Further Specs

  • Crittall Style Available
  • Gloss, Matte or Tinted Finish