Glass Splashbacks For Kitchens

Toughened Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens

Glass splashbacks provide long-lasting protection from spills and splashes, but they also add a unique style to your kitchen and can make a real statement.

As well as creating a feeling of light, depth and space to a room that forms the hub of the modern home.

Glass splashbacks are also extremely durable, tough and easy to clean, offering a perfect balance between function and individuality, in an endless range of sizes and colours.

Why Choose A Glass Splashback For Your Kitchen?

Glass splashbacks offer a more practical and stylish alternative to traditional materials, such as stainless steel, tiling or stone, with a much wider choice of shades; from sophisticated neutral shades to vibrant modern colours, than other materials could hope to match.

Whatever your style and colour choices, a sleek, light filled space, perfectly suited to a modern kitchen, can be achieved by choosing glass splashbacks over other materials.

Splashback Lateral Cut

Attention To Detail

Glass splashbacks are defined by both colour and detail, from electrical socket cutouts, to window sills and cooker hoods, with perfect lines and precision fitting ensuring your Kitchen looks the best it possibly can.

Glass splashbacks are also available in a wide range of colours from the very best paint manufacturers, giving you the flexibility of choosing what is right for your kitchen’s style and colour.

The Finishing Touches

Kitchen Upstands

Glass upstands can be used in conjunction with splashbacks to complement them, or offer contrast and protect walls. Like splashbacks they are made to measure, offering an impressive, contemporary flow of light and space around your kitchen, in areas that are prone to spills and splashes, such as spaces near cookers and around worktops.

Glass Window Sills

In a kitchen where glass splashbacks have been installed, a glass window sill can be the perfect way to finish off the design and give a real premium feel of elegance to the room, being both beautiful to look at and hygienic, due to the ease in which they can be kept clean.

A glass window sill will help to define your kitchen and provide the ultimate, durable and hard-wearing finishing touch.

Socket Cutouts

Cutouts around plug sockets enhance the clean lines and contemporary feel that glass creates. They are measured precisely and cut to surround your sockets, streamlining kitchens whatever the style, and offering a tough and durable surrounding for areas that typically endure a great deal of wear.

Extractor Fan Cuts

It is around extractor fans that glass splashbacks really come into their own, because the glass can be cut straight or curved, allowing you to have a detailed and precisely measured cut, made to the unique dimensions of your extractor fan or cooker hood.

Start Your Transformation With a Toughened Glass Splashback for your Kitchen

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