Painted Glass Splashbacks

You may be mistaken for assuming that glass splashbacks are solely practical, something just designed to prevent your walls, worktops and other surfaces from becoming stained or damaged by heat, splashes and spills, and glass splashbacks certainly do all those things very well, but with the perfect finishing touch of being able to add the colour of your choice then your painted glass splashbacks become something much more than just practical, they becomes a unique statement, they becomes yours...

Painted Glass Splashbacks Glass Splashbacks

Choose Any Colour

It is now possible to imagine and create painted glass splashbacks in colour of your choice, and there is a much wider choice in colour and style as, say conventional tiling, or painted walls. In fact the endless options of colour and special effects are as vast as the range of shapes and sizes that the toughened glass splashbacks themselves can be made in. If you want a truly unique, contemporary style, painted glass splashbacks offer a range of choice that no other material can possibly hope to compete with.

Match Your Own Taste and Style

The defining feature of any painted glass splashback is its colour, whether you want a colour that is bold and bright to create a real contemporary statement, or a sophisticated and subtle shade to match or even enhance your existing fixtures and fittings, it is possible to match your desired shade perfectly.

Painted Glass Splashbacks Glass Splashbacks
Painted Glass Splashbacks Glass Splashbacks

All Major Paint Brand Colours

Those shades and colours come from the very best names in paint, with ranges from all the top paint brands, allowing you to find the perfect match to that colour of your dreams. There is even the option to add special effects and textures to your colour of choice, such as sparkles that come alive under lighting; adding eye-catching style and a unique elegance to your kitchen or bathroom.

Painted Splashbacks For Your Business

If you are considering painted glass splashbacks for your business or commercial premises, painted glass splashbacks can perfectly match your decor or corporate identity and, just the same as in the home; offer the practicality of an easy to clean, durable and hard-wearing covering, and the adaptability of colour and finish that will make it uniquely yours.

Painted Glass Splashbacks Glass Splashbacks
Painted Glass Splashbacks Glass Splashbacks

Style Statement

Painted glass splashbacks create a high-gloss, eye-catching finish that needs to be seen to be believed, they also create a statement that speaks volumes about you and your individual style. Whatever colour you require, and whatever shape and style of toughened glass splashback you want, if you can imagine it, then with our help, you should be able to create it.

Transform Your Home With A Toughened Glass Splashback

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