Toughened Glass Splashbacks

An Exciting Alternative to Tiles & Stainless Steel

Toughened glass splashbacks, in the past; were something you wouldn’t really consider in your home, they weren’t widely available, or were overly expensive. But now, things are a little different, they most certainly are available and not as expensive as you might think. For splashbacks in your kitchen and bathroom, and much more; it isn’t just a suitable option, with an endless variety of sizes, colours and finishes, it is the perfect material for the job.

Why We Use Toughened Glass

Toughened glass (sometimes known as tempered glass) looks the same, and feels the same as conventional glass, but with one important difference; it is stronger, around five times stronger, with much better heat resistance and much higher impact resistance and it never cracks identifying its quality as genuine toughened glass.

Toughened Glass Splashbacks Glass Splashbacks

Toughened Glass Splashbacks Glass Splashbacks

Toughened Glass Splashback For Your Kitchen

In a kitchen, toughened glass splashbacks shine…Literally; creating beautiful coverings and splashbacks that are strong, durable and heat resistant, but also eye-catching and beautiful to look at. Toughened glass splashbacks can be made in any length, shape or size to form a perfect fit around cooker hoods, plug sockets and awkward corners.

Toughened Glass Splashbacks Glass Splashbacks

Toughened Glass Splashback For Your Bathroom

In the bathroom, toughened glass splashbacks really comes into their own; reflecting light and creating a feeling of space in even the smallest bath or washroom. With a wide range of finishes, such as frosting and other textures, and an endless range of colours from the very best paint manufacturers around, finding the perfect combination for you isn’t hard. Toughened glass splashbacks have another, important benefit; hygiene. Glass splashbacks create a non-porous, smooth surface, protecting tiling and grout beneath from dulling and staining, and making lime scale and hard water marks simple to just wipe away.

The Benefits of a Toughened Glass Splashback

Toughened glass splashbacks carry many benefits that traditional materials cannot compete with:
• Your home will be easier to clean and far easier to keep hygienically clean in the long-term
• You can enjoy a unique and bespoke style that is truly yours
• Toughened glass splashbacks create a stylish, elegant and contemporary space
• Choose from an endless combination of styles, finishes and colours
• Enjoy a safe, durable and long-lasting solution to stains and splashes in your home

Toughened Glass Splashbacks Glass Splashbacks

Toughened Glass Splashbacks Glass Splashbacks

Glass Throughout Your Home

It isn’t just splashbacks in the bathroom and kitchen that toughened glass is perfectly suited for, throughout the home. Think about kitchen worktops, and shower screens or enclosures for your bathroom. You could even enjoy glass shelving and mirrors, and balustrades for the staircases in your home. All unique, in the finish, style, shapes and colours you want.

Toughened glass splashbacks offer a superb option for your kitchen and bathroom, but toughened glass can be used throughout your home to create an attractive and versatile space, that is both modern, and highly practical.

Transform Your Home With A Toughened Glass Splashback

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