How It Works

Measure & Template

Firstly we visit you to measure and template your Splashbacks. Which includes any Window Sills, Upstands, Cutouts & Laterals Cuts you may need. Once we have fully measured the area we show you the colour options and leave a couple of colour charts.

Cut & Toughen

Once we have the full measurements we start to create your Splashback. Which includes cutting the glass to size and having it toughened. We use 6mm thick glass for our Splashbacks & Upstands and 10mm for Window Sills.

Paint Or Print

Once we have the glass fully cut and toughened. We paint or print your glass in your chosen colour or print. Depending what shade your chosen colour is, will determine how many coats we apply.

Fit & Admire

Now to the exciting part. We give you a call to arrange a time and day to visit for full installation. Once fully installed stand back and admire your Statement Showpiece.