How To Install A Glass Splashback

Now you have made the fantastic decision to transform your kitchen with a stunning toughened glass splashback. See how easy it is to install.

Take a look at our How To Install video or see or installation guide below  to complete your splashback transformation.

  1. Check the wall for sharp objects and ensure it is clean, dry and dust free.

    Remove the splashback from the packaging and remove the backing tape.

  2. Apply our Low Modular Adhesive directly to the wall.

    Apply in strips the width of your small finger, from the top of the wall to the bottom.

    Leave a 50mm gap from the sides, top and bottom.

  3. Gently lower your splashback onto the worktop and roll up onto the wall.

  4. Seal the bottom edge between your worktop and splashback, using our Low Modular Adhesive.

    If either side of your splashback meets a cupboard also seal these with our Low Modular Adhesive.

    *Optional* Use decorators caulk to seal the sides that meet the wall. This will allow you to paint the caulk once set.


    1. Test fit the splashback before putting on any of the adhesive, to ensure a perfect fit. Do this with the backing tape on and then remove before installation.
    2. DO NOT TOUCH OR CLEAN for 48 hours to allow the adhesive to set