How To Measure For Your Glass Splashback

Toughened Glass Splashbacks are a stunning addition to any kitchen and are easier than you think to measure.

Take a look at our How To Measure video or see or measuring guide below  to start your transformation.

Splashback Measuring Guide

Measure the Height. Take 2 measurements between your cooker hood (extractor) and worktop or cooker.

Note the smallest measurement

Measure the Width. Take 2 measurements between your cupboards, if you have them. Or the full width of where you would like the glass to go.

Note the smallest measuement

Enter your smallest Height and Width measurement into our website pricing calculator for your bespoke splashback quote.

We will take off 2mm off either side and 2mm off the top for expansion.


Take the measurements in mm.

How To Measure Your Glass Splashback