Glass Splashback Colour Choices

Everyone is different, so it goes without saying that every home is different. A living space is the truest reflection of who we are and in no room is that more evident than in the kitchen.

The modern day kitchen forms the hub of a home, replacing the lounge or living room as the social heart of a home, a place for family and friends to gather and spend time together. It can be used for anything, from lunch with friends to homework sessions with the children. It needs to be functional, but does that mean it can’t also reflect your character, your style and tastes?

Actually, no…It is possible, with the right design, materials and colours to have the best of both worlds; a kitchen space that is both practical, adaptable and inspiring. An ideal way to achieve all those things is with a kitchen glass splashback.

You might be guilty of thinking that kitchen splashbacks are solely utilitarian, you might think their only goal is to prevent splatters and spills from spoiling your walls, and that is certainly a part of the case, but modern day kitchen splashbacks also do so much more; They combine function with freedom, and they do that with one simple, wonderful thing…Colour.

Glass splashbacks are now a perfect way to create a unique and decorative focal point in a modern day kitchen and make a real statement, whilst also serving to create the perfect practical alternative to tiling or stainless steel. With a tailor-made and highly heat resistant covering that is both easy to clean and available, not just in a limited range of colours, but any colour at all, from top brands such as Dulux, Valspar, Farrow and Ball, and Little Greene.

Kitchen splashbacks can now add so much more than just practicality, with the right colour to match your kitchen’s colour scheme and even the option to add paint effects such as sparkles to showcase the colour of your splashback under lighting. A part of your kitchen that was once considered to be purely functional can be transformed in to so much more by creating your very own unique style statement.

Whether it is soft neutral colours you would like; to match your existing cupboards and worktops, or vibrant and vivid colours to contrast and inspire. Kitchen splashbacks, along with the endless range of unique and beautiful colours and effects available from the very best paint companies, really offer something special; a chance to make your kitchen space an easier and more convenient place to be in, and an inspiring space that is uniquely yours.

A kitchen that you’ll look forward to spending time in, long into the future.

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