Application Adhesive

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Glass Splashback Application adhesive. Can also be used for Sealing the glass.

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Our specially formulated Application Adhesive is the only adhesive we use and recommend when applying both coloured and printed glass splashbacks to any surface. Designed to ensure that there is no reaction with the paint, print or surface we guarantee all of our splashbacks for 10 years when using our adhesive.

Regular adhesive which releases acid when curing will react with the paint or print on your splashback and leads to a ruined glass splashback.

Our adhesive is the only way we recommend you install you glass splashback to any surface and we have been using this for many years.

The formula for the adhesive is that fantastic we also recommend using it to seal your splashback, which we have been doing for many years.

We recommend 1 Tube per SQ Meter.

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2 reviews for Application Adhesive

  1. Sharon Freeman (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works fine but rather drippy.

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