Bathroom Glass Splashbacks

If You Want To See The Future Of Modern Bathrooms Look No Further.

Long-gone are the days when the bathroom of a home was purely about function. Now, the bathroom isn’t just a place to visit when you need to, it is so much more; a place of wellbeing, even pampering; a space that reflects who you are, more intimately than any other room in your home.
With our bathroom glass splashbacks and wall panels you can make it a room to be proud of, and a space to love.

Bathrooms Glass Splashbacks

Uniquely Styled

It goes without saying that your bathroom is likely to be one of the smallest rooms in your home, and generally, due to frosted windows; a room without good natural light. Bathroom glass splashbacks can do so much to elevate your bathroom into something more than you ever dreamed, but firstly, it can make problems with low light, a thing of the past. Whether you choose a bright or dark colour, all will reflect and maximise the light in your bathroom. Lighting up your space and giving you results you wouldn’t ever have imagined.

For The Whole Bathroom

You may want a toughened glass shower enclosure, when we start to think about toughened glass in our bathrooms, that is usually the first place our thoughts take us, and toughened glass is the perfect material for this, but shower enclosures are only the start... Toughened glass splashbacks can be fitted anywhere, the splashback around a bath for example, or a basin, traditionally tiled, and usually dull, in need of regular cleaning to keep mould and staining at bay. With bespoke toughened glass splashbacks, that becomes a thing of the past. Even if you have recently invested time and money in tiling your bathroom, glass splashbacks can still be fitted over them, to protect and preserve your tiles from damage and wear.

Bathrooms Glass Splashbacks
Bathrooms Glass Splashbacks

Alternative To Tiles

It is also a common misconception that toughened glass splashbacks can’t offer the same adaptability as tiling, the same ability to cover unique areas with a perfectly tailored fitting. You might also think that toughened glass splashbacks can’t offer the same ranges of colours and patterns as conventional tiles. You might have to think again... With a staggering range of colours, finishes and special effects, toughened glass splashbacks have the ability to surpass tiling in every way, add to that the ability to craft completely bespoke splashbacks and fittings, including any curves, shapes and sizes you might need.

Why Choose Glass For Your Bathroom?

There are a of reasons why you might choose toughened glass splashbacks for your bathroom over conventional tiling;

  • Toughened glass splashbacks create hygienic, flat surfaces, which are low maintenance and very easy to keep clean.
  • No more mouldy or dirty grout to clean time and time again.
  • With made to measure, bespoke glass there are no more crooked or uneven tile spacing.
  • Create something that complements your own taste and style.
Bathrooms Glass Splashbacks

Transform Your Bathroom With A Toughened Glass Splashback

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